Monday, March 05, 2012

In the shop...

Maybe this should be titled "Outside the shop". While not exactly a woodworking project it does contain a piece of wood! I slapped this outboard motor cart together on Saturday. The steel came from re-purposed bed frames that I'm constantly on the lookout for. The tires were cheap sale items from Harbor Freight. I used my MIG welder to build it on the patio in my back yard. I ran out of welding gas right at the end so the last few tack welds holding the axle in place are a bit sloppy. I'll be adding some handles to better maneuver it as well as finishing it up with a few coats of paint. Sorry for the poor quality of the cell phone photo.

This is to store/move a Honda 9.9 HP outboard motor for my sailing club DC Sail. The motor gets clamped to the wood piece like it would to a boat's transom. I plan on building one more of these.

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