Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm Back?

Wow, life really has a way of getting complicated, and busy, fast. I looked at the date of my last (and first) post. Over a year ago. A lot has changed since then. I'm no longer taking the woodworking classes. I didn't get the work bench finished either. Add that to the never ending list of half finished projects.

I recently moved into a new apartment, with more space, but unfortunately still not a proper shop space. I have what I refer to as a "utility room" off the back of my apartment. Its a nice size but not quite big enough for a real shop. I also have a storage shed in my back yard, which my practicality tells me I can use for something woodworking related but haven't worked it out yet.

However the extra room has some benefits, I will have enough space to do some minor woodworking projects. I've brought some tools from home to help with that. I plan on finishing a few of those half finished projects. I brought my Rikon mini lathe down from PA which should provide hours of fun and shavings! However its not set up yet.

I plan on trying to keep this blog updated more often. I'll probably throw in more than just woodworking as a way to keep some friends and family updated with my life too. To tell the truth I was inspired to get back on here from another blog. Joel mentions at the end of his 04/05/2008 post that an editor at FWW was looking for people that practice woodworking in cramped apartment conditions. It reminded me that this is what my blog was supposed to be all about, and how little I've worked on it.