Monday, June 10, 2013

Projects, projects, projects.

As a follow up to my last post I'd like to point out that although I have struggled recently with finishing some things, I am keeping very busy.

As I noted previously I came up with a name for my shop, Armory Woodworks, and registered the domain. I've had a friend design a logo that I still need to implement. I've also set up an Etsy store. You will not find it yet because I have not actually listed any items. I'm trying to get a few extra boxes made and take some nice photographs before I list them.

I've also been improving the "shop" or lack thereof with some exciting new tools that have expanded my capabilities. The biggest is my purchase and restoration of a Clausing 4914 metal lathe. You can follow the complete tear-down and rebuild on my other blog. Despite the lack of updates there as well that project is actually finished! Here's a shot of the finished machine crammed into my tiny shed.

I've started making some tools and fixing some tools with the lathe including this floating die holder. Another finished project.

I've also built a mobile cart for my mig welder.

I've relocated my metal melting crucible furnace from my hometown to my current residence and look forward to getting this up and running, possibly utilizing waste oil as a fuel source. In a brain fart moment I did not actually bring what I needed with me to load it hence this ridiculous improvisation.

I am expecting delivery of a Grizzly G0704 metal mill tomorrow as well. I plan on eventually converting this small mill to CNC. This will expand my capabilities tenfold.

This seems to be a lot of metalworking for a woodworker you say? Well I'd have to agree with you, but as a large part of my interest is in tools and making them, eventually I'm going to want to be able to work some metal as well. Armory Toolworks has a nice ring to it...


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