Saturday, December 03, 2011

Welcome Back

At the urging of some friends I'm back at the blog. When I saw the date of my last post I can't say I was surprised. It really does take a lot of discipline to keep up with something like this. I'm going to try to post here at least once a week. We shall see how that goes...

I've been questioning the Name of my blog for some time now. I can't say I'm necessarily shopless. Even though my space is small, I've found it more than adequate and sometimes fun to overcome the challenges a small shop presents. So I'm going to keep the name as is, and from time to time focus on the issues those of us wishing to work wood while living in a rental apartment, in a city have to deal with.

When I started setting up my shop here in DC, out of necessity I had started to delve more into the hand tool only route of woodworking. As I've been able to find more ways of making use of my space I've added some of my power tools from my previous shop back into my woodworking.

I worried that I was copping out on the idea of using only hand tools. Then I realized my intention was never to completely forsake power tools, they simply didn't seem to fit into my current space. However, the small space has thought me the value of being skilled at using hand tools. I fully subscribe to the type of woodworking where you use machines to do the heavy lifting of milling your wood to size, and hand tools to finish the joinery and surfaces.

Like always, the lack of posts does not reflect a lack of work. Quite the contrary. The shop has progressed quite a bit since that last post. It has gotten much more "cozy". I've been able to jam enough tools into this little room to make just about anything, and if I can do it it such a small space I hope to inspire others to do so as well.

I hope to have some new posts soon with some actual working content. Stay tuned. But for now, welcome back!


Anonymous said...

Are you the one who keeps turning the staples upside down?

Unknown said...

I deleted my auto decomp since they are problematic as you stated. Also be sure that you update your intake boot into the design with the metal clamp. The plastic intake clamps are notorious for loosening and causing an air flow which will burn off the Saw down. Last, there's an noodle update kit for your carburetor in case you've got the Walbro. In the event you've got the Zama carbohydrate I believe you're fine.
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Deborah K. McIntyre said...
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