Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Screen Door

So, here I am again, taking forever to post. I apologize to my one reader, me. Well like normal I've found another project to distract me from my other projects. I was cleaning out the shed behind my apartment when I realized there was an old screen door up in the rafters. I should note that my current apartment lacks a rear screen door. I was elated when I measured it and it was just about a perfect fit for the steel frame that the ugly steel door sits in. However, it was in pretty sad shape. The wood is pine, and it looks to be an old screen door kit. No one ever bothered to paint it and upon pulling it apart no one ever bothered to even glue it together. It was constructed using one, yes count them one, half inch dowel per joint. The half inch diameter was a problem since the joints were drilled so close to the edge of the rails that the busted through. Someone attempted to fix this with some finish nails. I'd like to think I know what I'm doing (ha! yeah right) so I decided to fix it proper. I decided to patch the places where the dowels blew through, plug the half inch dowel holes and re-drill and re-dowel using two 3/8" dowels per rail, probably 3 on the bottom rail. I'm sure most people would think I'm crazy to bother with this thing, but I figured it should be an easy woodworking project. Some new screen, a coat of paint and a pair of hinges and I'm hoping it should be ready for the party I'm having August 23. We'll see how that works out. I doubt I'll get it painted in time. It will be so nice to have the back door open without having lots of mosquitoes, and gnats flying around my house. I've finally figured out how to get pictures on here. I'll hopefully get some more links, and goodies up soon too. But for now here's a picture of what is currently serving as my "shop" and of course the mess that is in it. I'd eventually like to finish my workbench project and replace my drawing board with it. You can see the state of my "kayak". Yup its just the form so far. I'll save the trials and tribulations about that for another post.


Chris said...

How's that screen door coming along?

Organelle said...

kent - your fans are clamoring for pics of your screen door! Give us an update, we beg you!

Organelle said...

Hey...i have that same shopvac! I'm curious about your kayak too...is it going to be all wood or a skin on frame kinda thing - fibreglass? Looks pretty neat though - i met this guy in vancouver once - does awesome stuff and didn't even use a measuring tape - it was all anatomically dimensioned if you can imagine.

anywho- here's his book i think.

Anonymous said...

Well said.

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